new book

Crab Rangoon, I’ve been wanting to update this blog a lot more frequently, but I was swallowed up by Atheist Tiki Hour and the liberal amount of alcohol writing it involved.

I’m glad to say, however, that the book is now finished. During the next couple of weeks, I’ll be editing and proofreading it, then sending it to Casper, the editor at Atheist Republic. I’m hopeful they’ll enjoy it!

Whatever it is.


Right now, I’m trying to decide which of my upcoming books I’ll write next. Inspiration is bubbling in my brain like the glowing lava in a prop volcano.

It’s a good summer up here in Canada. Tragically, many portions of the world are sinking in a mucky pit of violence, irrationality, right wing paranoia, and regressive authoritarianism these days; my innate response is to keep writing and writing, and to savor life as much as possible.

To do happy things.

Like gleefully opening a blind box that turns out to contain a kitty holding mustard-covered corn dogs.


Or, slurping a Mushy Slushie. They’re an essential component of a tomboy’s daily intake.


Surf’s up.

tip the barman

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