further ahead

What’s shakin’, bongo players.

I’m really fucking tired right now, boy.

I’m extremely grateful for my tranquil home, for this quiet, colorful room where I write my books.

I’ve been hard at work promoting Atheist Tiki Hour, and let me tell you, it’s not easy, feeling like you’re harassing people, it’s not easy, pushing to get your book out there, to get it read, and even worse, get reviews, when you’re a reclusive introvert type person.

There have been nights when I cried over my keyboard and wanted to rip my hair out from the stress of it all. And you wonder, are my efforts having any effect? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell.

They have, though. I’m so much further ahead than I was after I published Hula Girl. At least… I think so. I hope so. I’ve gotten precious help, which has encouraged and sustained me more than words can express, especially when I’m ready to give up.

People who care about me and believe in my work are the fire that keeps my engine running, and I persist despite self-doubt.

Once I’ve given my CFI talk at the start of December, I’ll withdraw and work on my next books. The thought that I won’t be going anywhere this spring is a tremendous relief. As the kids say these days, I can’t even.

I feel excited when I think of my upcoming books because I’ll be writing about stuff that gives me immense comfort. I will continue to celebrate life.

Okay, I need to rest. I thought I’d write more but I’m beat.

Have a picture of me in the early 1970s. You could say that it captures the essence of my next books.


The essence of my life as it is now.

Surf’s up.

tip the barman

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