What’s shakin’, bongo players.

Well here we are in 2017, and I’m hoping it can’t be worse than 2016. In any event, every time I write “2017” on anything, it feels like relief, so there’s that.

I do feel more exhausted than I’ve ever felt, however. Peri-menopause is in high gear these days, and it’s basically wiping the floor with me. On a more positive note, I’ll finally be done with fertility and all the shit it involved at some point this year… It can’t happen soon enough for me. It’s been (useless) misery since day one, lo these many years ago.

Apart from that, there’s a stressful situation, nothing I want to get into, though I’ll say that Mr P and I are fine and everything is well where I am. But the stressful crap in question has been the cause of PTSD episodes, and I’m coping by withdrawing from the rest of the world even more than usual. It’s the introvert way, right? I have absolutely no energy for outside anything, demands, social whatever… For once in my life, I’m listening to myself and doing what I need to do to preserve my health and happiness. I take care of every day stuff, and I stay home a lot. I do things nearby. I do solitary things. This helps me maintain my inner equilibrium.

This Savage Chickens strip says it all:


When I’m home, I feel good. I feel calm. If anyone felt the need to tell me I should go out more and be gregarious, my response would be fairly unpleasant, let’s say. It would be on the Trailer Park Boys spectrum.

I didn’t get round to finishing My Merry Secular Holiday, mostly because I wasn’t feeling much holiday cheer of any kind this year. I didn’t even watch most of my favorite specials; I simply wasn’t feeling it.

In the coming months, I’ll be focusing on Hit the Road, and my zines.

Yesterday, I got a couple of the latest Num Nom sets (the candy Num Noms, and the marshmallow Num Noms), and that made me stupendously happy. The second season of Grossery Gang figures will be coming out soon, and they look fun as heck. The collector can of Rotten Soda is especially hilarious to me.


Surf’s up.


3 thoughts on “equilibrium

  1. Totally on your page re: not having felt the spirit of the holidays this season. The untimely death of a good friend plus the election of that narcissistic sociopath just fouled my mood. Hang in there my friend. We’re in this together – though at least you have a handsome, intelligent and sensible human being as your leader.


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