knots for relaxation and living

What’s shakin’, bongo players.

So, while large segments of this planet are busy going absolutely batshit these days, I’m working on positive projects that keep me from having a fucking PTSD-fueled nervous breakdown.

Last night, thinking about the current situation, I began having an intense anxiety attack and I’m so done with all this bullshit and madness… I’m going to hunker down and try to live as calmly as I can until the rest of the world decides that religious extremism and nationalistic nuttery is a total dead end for humanity.

I think what we’re witnessing is the apoplectic, ugly demise of ancient worldviews, but anyway.

So much noise. I’m widening the moat and sound-proofing my physical and mental space.

I’m giving a Center For Inquiry talk on Monday, and at this point I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing the public speaking thing again for some time to come. It’s too hard on me. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that this simply isn’t something I want to do anymore.

What I’m working on right now is books, that first zine of mine, which will be the handwritten/photocopied form of what I’ve done online for years: rambling. Deleting my Livejournal was a major step forward in my “reducing online stuff” non-action plan. I want to focus a lot more on real stuff. Hence, things like my zine project: a tactile endeavor that requires envelopes, mailboxes, paper, and greater involvement than virtual anything.

Social networking will be the means of sharing information about my physical endeavors, and communicating with friends. But I won’t let it take too large a chunk out of my days. Lately, I’m finding Instagram less traumatizing than Twitter.


One of my main projects at the moment is putting together a booth for the local summer market.

I have fallen head over heels in love with macramé, and crafting it. It gives me pure, unadulterated joy.

I like to make it without a set design or anything. So I make macramé the same way I write books, more or less.

It’s 70s-inspired macramé art.

Here’s a piece I made as a gift for someone. It’s hanging from a wooden embroidery hoop.


Here’s another piece I made yesterday. I’m calling it “Island Dream”. It’s Tiki happy.


I will have some of my macramé art on Etsy, along with my zines and books.

Fuck, I love making those knots. I love square knots best of all, square knots in a variety of patterns and combinations.

I designed a funky sign for my upcoming booth, too.


My work uniform will consist of 70s-themed candy and whatnot t-shirts. Oh yeah.

I think this is going to be fun.

Mr P and I want to go to flea markets this summer, and hunt for assorted 70s shit. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for mushroom mugs and stuff like that.

It’s about time I live my life how I want, and do what makes me happy. It’s okay for me to want what I want, to need what I need, to live how I live.

Surf’s up.


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