the professor with the golden sunglasses

What’s shakin’, bongo players.

Aaaaand it’s been a while again.

Side note: I may continue reblogging these personal Apostate Island posts on, otherwise hardly anybody will see them, probably.

So anyway, it’s been a very intense month and a half over here. Life-changing, in fact. I’m still not going to go into specific detail (although if you’ve known me for a bit, you’ll probably have some idea what I’m hinting at here), but it’s been an excruciating thing, and an absolutely fucking glorious thing. It’s something I’ve wanted, desperately so, ever since I was old enough to think.

It’s been excruciating because of the severe Complex PTSD symptoms and behaviors it reignited—think “volcano-level” symptoms—and glorious because of the delirious, hitherto unparalleled freedom that is resulting from it.

It’s normal, maniac-free living.

And whoever thinks it’s easy to extricate oneself from an abusive situation, which is like being trapped at the bottom of a deep pit with steep, slick walls and filled with a life-sucking, mind-numbing quicksand from hell, “whoever” can kiss my ass.

The day has come at last, however. A case of what goes around comes around.

I wasn’t the main person involved, but at the same time, I was very involved. It has to do with persons intimately close to my heart, and an abusive individual who exerted his manipulative tyranny over us for decades—an individual I’m utterly glad to say I’ll never have to see again.

The process is still ongoing, especially for the main person involved, but it’s a process of liberation, let’s say. A legal process. A personal process that includes positive life alterations.

It’s a period of renewal in every sense of the term.

In other news, I am now using a new computer—it was only in the box for a week and a half before I felt ready to set it up; not bad. But I’m back on track with the most recent OS, and fully updated browsers, and a nice shiny external hard drive. Said hard drive will be extremely useful (it’s the first time I have one of those things). It’s amazing how small it is, too.

So I will be getting back to work on Hit the Road, finally. And holy shit, the timing is excellent, let me tell you. This project has never had more relevance for me.

In April, I’ll have some macramé and the first issue of my handwritten, photocopied zine on my Etsy store. For all the news on this topic, visit my website Renouveau 70. For weeks after the Major Recent Event, I really wasn’t able to do much of anything, but I’m slowly getting my groove back. This means writing and macramé.

Definitely not going to MISTI-Con this year, but who knows, maybe next time, if the organizers decide to go ahead with another one. We’ll see how it goes.

The 70s continue to give me joy. I’ve got a third vintage polyester shirt on the way, and I’ve begun collecting vintage plates as well.

Here’s some pictures I took of me wearing my first two polyester shirts. I have a fantastic love for these marvelous shirts.





Tell me that polyester doesn’t rule. I won’t believe you.

I’ve never had two gold chains before, and I’ve been enjoying the heck out of that too. And my little gold crab is love. It makes me very happy.

Holy Crab Rangoon, baby.

There’s going to be “polyester shirts with suits” portrait sessions soon. The weather’s going to start warming up… I’ll be looking for fab cheesy locales.

I’ve never been happier with my life.

I’ve moved on from a number of things, I have interests and hobbies I enjoy, I know what I want and what’s not for me. And I so don’t miss religion and all that shit. At all.

I’m glad to be alive.

That’s what I write about. I share my moment, my human moment, on planet earth.

And my human moment is fine.

I profess my humanity.

Surf’s up.


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