it’s my life

What’s shakin’, bongo players?

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was a great day. A quiet day doing fun things I enjoy, by myself, and thus a great day.

I got my hands on some more fantastic vinyl, including Knock on Wood by Amii Stewart (one of the best disco albums of all time) and the B-52’s (first album). Excellent presents.

I took this photo to commemorate the day and celebrate a new addition to my polyester shirt collection:


I’m forty-eight and a very happy person.

The fourth decade of my life has been my best decade so far. It’s during this decade that I truly came into my own, when I decided what I wanted to say “yes” to, and what I wanted to say “no” to—and wouldn’t apologize for my choices either.

More quiet stuff today.

Here’s some upcoming polyester:



Eating shepherd’s pie with a loved one later.

Surf’s up.


tip the barman

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