Apostate Island was concocted by Logospilgrim— funster, tomboy, coconut atheist.


She also writes. Hence, the drinking.

Apostate Island is a personal blog dedicated to the joy of living. Logos rambles about genderfluidity and asexuality, post-traumatic stress disorder, tattoos, retro shit, polyester shirts and the 70s, introversion and tranquil pursuits, secularism and freedom, and a whole lot of other funky things.

She loves toys—one of her patron saints is Pee-wee Herman—so expect some toy talk.

Apostate Islanders espouse the philosophy of Tikiola.


The bar is stocked, the pu pu platters are loaded. Come on over.

May Crab Rangoon, our calorific idol, be praised to the seas.

May your Egg Roll be crispy, may your Mai Tai be potent.

Surf’s up!